Paço do Frevo launches action plan for the next five years

Shortly before celebrating its 10th anniversary in February 2024, the Paço do Frevo is launching the update of its Museological Plan this Saturday (7th). Built collaboratively, the document will guide the museum's actions as a Reference Center for Frevo Preservation over the next five years, highlighting priorities in research, dissemination, education, and training related to Frevo, while maintaining its mission to be a museum created with and for the people.


According to the five-year plan, as a living museum that extends far beyond Carnival, Paço aims to expand its reach to the various territories connected to Frevo - those of celebration, the outskirts, women, Black communities, diversity of bodies, religious beliefs, and more. All of this is done while continuing traditions but with a forward-looking perspective that points to new possibilities for art, dance, music, education, and aesthetic influences that intersect with Frevo. It's a museum and cultural institution of vibrant creativity.


The plan not only reaffirms Paço's commitment to the guidelines and strategies that will shape the future of the intangible heritage of Frevo but also represents a renewed commitment to the society it serves.


"Paço do Frevo is a living museum, and engaging in this listening process to deliver a new Museological Plan to society reaffirms our commitment to the guidelines and strategies for the future. Proposing this revision is renewing our purpose and commitment to safeguarding the intangible heritage recognized by UNESCO since 2012," says Luciana Félix, the director of Paço do Frevo.


"This Museological Plan is more than just a five-year plan; it is the result of a collective process formed by multiple voices. This document reflects the effort made by the current management of Paço do Frevo, which aims to be a democratic museum committed to its public dimension," says Gleyce Kelly Heitor, educator, researcher, and museologist, who leads Andarilhagem, the consulting firm responsible for developing the Museological Plan for Paço.


COLLABORATION - Periodically reassessed, the Museological Plan is an indispensable instrument for strategic planning, identifying, organizing, and prioritizing actions of museums in Brazil. It is a requirement stipulated in the Museum Statute (Law 11.904/2009), which also defines a series of programs to be included in this planning to address issues such as accessibility, exhibitions, collections, and educational activities in an integrated manner.


The law recommends that the plan be developed in a participatory manner, considering the different teams within the museum and the community involved. The demands of municipal institutions directly related to the management of the institution, such as the City of Recife and the Culture Foundation of the City of Recife, were also considered in the process.


Through meetings, Paço listened to over 60 people from various groups and associations, musicians, composers, dancers, and individuals connected to the production, experiences, and research of Frevo, in addition to its collaborators. They also conducted an extensive survey among visitors and enthusiasts of the cultural facility through an online form, with anonymous participation. In the survey, the public provided opinions on aspects ranging from cleanliness to guided tours, research spaces, and accessibility. Additionally, the research aimed to understand civil society's perception of Paço do Frevo and how it evaluates exhibitions and educational programs.



Launch of the Museological Plan for Paço do Frevo (2023 - 2028) With the Seraphins Orchestra Saturday (7th), at 3:00 PM At the Praça do Frevo (3rd floor of the museum) Access by ticket (R$ 10 full price and R$ 5 half price)


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