IDG celebrates Paço do Frevo 5th anniversary with concerts and vacation activities

Paço do Frevo - Recife-PE (Gestão: IDG - Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão)

In its 5th birthday, celebrated on February 9th, also the National Frevo Day, Paço do Frevo opened the carnival festivities in Recife with concerts and workshops, a new take on educational projects such as Hora do Frevo, and also the new program "Frevência - existential experiences with frevo for all ages". Running its administration since the opening, Institute for Development and Management (IDG) wants to reassure the importance of Paço as a center for reference and preservation of frevo culture, as well as reinforcing its pedagogical commitment to future generations.


"Since the opening, we've received more than half a million visitors. With IDG back to the management, we want to broaden this number even more, offering new activities and resuming the ones that worked out. We'll also intensify the relationship by discussing the events more intensely with the new generation that is leading the frevo groups, to bring their renovated view to the table", says Ricardo Piquet, president of IDG.


Hora do Frevo - a strategic project dedicated to new instrumental experimentations with frevo - resumed its programming with the presentation of the group A Trombonada, which was created in 2005 with the main goal of merging the traditional Northeastern repertoire with an innovative vision adapted to a five-trombone formation. Trombonada was created by trombonist, songwriter and arranger Nilsinho Amarante, by invitation of singer and songwriter Silvério Pessoa. They released their first album, "De madrugada", in 2009, with a repertoire consisting of 90% music from Pernambuco.


In the mood of pre-Carnival, the Educational Department launched the program "Frevência - existential experiences with frevo for all ages", a series of activities for people who want to know more about frevo culture. There are workshops to teach how to make toys and banners, experiences with singing and storytelling for children from 3 years old, and also circle games adapted to audiences with visual impairment and/or low vision from 8 years old.


Frevência is also composed by the activity cycle "Before Zé Pereira, it's Carnival already at Paço do Frevo, 'Feel-Frevo' performance", from educators Sibeli Carvalho, Bruno Leon and Rudah Colaço; and the launch of the route "Recife, legendary city", presenting an affectionate geography of Recife, built from frevo lyrics and the group's history. The schedule goes till March 1st.