Museum of Favelas opens new exhibition in August

Museum of Favelas- institution of the Department of Culture, Economy, and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo under the management of IDG - starts the month by taking all eyes to the edge of the city. The exhibition ‘O Equilíbrio dos Barrancos’ [The Balance of the Ravines]’, by Association of Artists and Producers of the Center (ASP) with the program “Projeto Refúgio” [Refuge Project], is already on display. The exhibition displays more than 50 artistic painting works by more than 30 young artists who participate in the Project, which expresses the recognition of these young people who are in a vulnerability situation, exercising their right to occupy leading positions within institutional spaces. It will remain on display until October 1st. 


To promote a resocialization experience for young egresses, Museum of Favelas offers the “ The edge's crochet” workshop, taught by Key Craft Collective. The proposal, which will take place on Wednesdays of August, the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd, from 2 pm to 4 pm, will provide participants with basic learning in the technique of making caps and hats. 


On Saturdays of August, the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the Entrepreneurial Journey takes place at Burst Auditorium. Conducted by entrepreneur Gisele Rocha, the project develops knowledge in business management and finance for outlying agents. Between 2pm and 4pm, the auditorium hosts the Audiovisual Journey, an initiative to develop cinema and photography techniques for outlying agents. The journey is led by creative director Iago Félix. 


On Saturday (5), the Museum promotes a chat with writers Cristiane Sobral, Dri Reverso and Dinha to promote the launch of their respective books: "Caixa Preta" [Black Box], "Eu não sei nadar" [I don't know how to swim] and "De passagem mas não a passeio" [Passing through but not for a walk] The initiative will feature live music and provide the opportunity to learn a little more about collective Me Parió Revolution and its writers, in addition to book sales. 


 To promote a unique and playful connection between people, especially fathers, mothers and children, on Sunday (6), storytelling will be held - with Wevs and Isart. Entitled "From Step to Step", the workshop will lead participants through different museum spaces, providing learning with dances and rhythms. The story will be told in Libras and Portuguese, encouraging body communication and tactile, visual and auditory accessibility. 


On Saturday, August 12, the third edition of Favela's Party takes place, the event always happens on each month's second Saturday. Starting at 11:00 am, this edition has as theme International Youth Day and promotes a discotheque in the Museum's garden, an entrepreneurship fair and the Convicted Suburban Soiree. The following weekend, also on Saturday (19), at 3 pm, the Peripheral Vision Room hosts the second edition of “The dance is on”, with participation of artists Ana Be and Levi Keaniata. The activity consists of activating exhibition spaces at Museum of Favelas and will function as a conversation-pocket show, with musical artists, mediated by the institution's education nucleus. At the same time, at the Favelas Museum's Library, the book "A favela dominante: ensaio sobre o modelo periférico" [The dominant favela: essay on the peripheral model], by writer and researcher in educational management Renê Barbosa, will launch. The event will feature the work sale, in addition to the author's discussion with the public about the trajectory of the book's construction. 


On the last Friday of the month (25th), at 5:00 p.m., the "Child's Research" takes place, with the following organizations: Social Knowledge Network and Powerful Youths, which will discuss the topic: “Structural Injustices Among Young People in the City of São Paulo”. For this second edition, researchers representing the organizations - Emilly Carvalho and Carla Francischette - will present data regarding the challenges faced by outlying youth in relation to education, work, territory, and health. 


To end the special program for August, on the 27th, at 2 pm, Burst Auditorium hosts "Favela Projects", with a special participation of Convicted Suburban Soiree. The exhibition “Root-Favela: A Manifest Occupation” which, in addition to being available for visitation in the cultural equipment, can be accessed by Google Arts and Culture platform all over the world. 


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