Creativity. Commitment. Resilience. Versatility. A range of words can define the IDG (Institute for Development and Management), a private non-profit founded in 2001 and which reemerged in 2013 to occupy and excel in a particular market niche – the private management of public interest projects and the development and implementation of cultural and environmental projects.

While IDG was originally conceived to manage public cultural venues and environmental programs, the organization has been continuously expanding and diversifying its activities beyond this specialized mission. IDG now also provides consulting services for designing, shaping, formatting and managing the various stages of project implementation, including developing the scope, raising funds and guaranteeing adherence to Brazil’s specific tax incentive laws, where applicable, as well as directly managing the implementation process. IDG currently actively manages a range of iconic cultural venues.

IDG has established an excellent track record, with a solid governance model based on the principles of legal and financial security and transparent management, chaperoned by Executive and Audit Boards and a Compliance Department, successfully maintaining a substantial network of partners, institutions and various civil society agents.

IDG’s national and international influence in both the public and private spheres connects the institute with a range of different partners, who are all active stakeholders in implementing and maintaining the organization’s projects. Essentially focused on fostering diverse partnerships, IDG is always on the lookout for new pathways, sources and alternatives for its range of active operations, mitigating crises and offering creative solutions. To this end, IDG works passionately and cooperatively and invests in the development of people, respecting differences and trusting in the multiple talents of each and every collaborator.

Optimizing people and organizations’ potential through engagement with the arts, culture and the environment, making management our main instrument for achievement.

People amazed by culture and nature.

Joy, Collaboration, Creativity, Respect.