The Museum of Favelas announces the Comic Rap Exhibition.

The Museum of Favelas, an institution of the Secretary of Culture, Economy, and Creative Industries of the State of São Paulo under the management of IDG, in partnership with Ação Educativa, debuts on February 17th, Saturday, the "Rap in Comics" exhibition. Conceived by illustrator Wagner Loud and YouTuber Load, the exhibition pays homage to notable personalities of national rap, represented as authentic superheroes in a rich comic book universe.


In total, 19 honored artists are represented within the vast universe of comics. The event begins at 11:30 am with a chat with the creators of the exhibition to discuss details of the works and the creative process. Following that, at 12:20 pm, there will be a pocket show with singer Ashira.


For Load, the curator of the exhibition, the starting point was the choice to represent Emicida as Miles Morales, the first black Spider-Man. "Just like Miles Morales, Emicida represents the new generation and the change in the entire scenario. That was more or less the line of thought I followed. Brown, for example, has always represented Capão Redondo, just like Panther has always represented Wakanda, and everything Brown stands for in rap in terms of struggle and representation," he adds.


Gil Marçal, content manager of the Favela Museum, states that the new exhibition provides an opportunity to unite audiences passionate about hip-hop and comic books. "This encounter between two distinct universes is marked by creative and aesthetic connection, resulting in a unique and engaging experience for visitors," he emphasizes.


Some of the works in the "Rap in Comics" exhibition depict Mano Brown as Black Panther, king of Wakanda, also from the Marvel universe. Negra Li embodies Storm, an iconic character from the X-Men, and Sabotage takes on the role of Dr. Manhattan, a character from DC Comics. The exhibition will remain on display at the Museum of Favela.



Exhibition "Rap in Comics"

Date: February 17th

Time: 11:30 am

Address: Rua Guaianases, 1024 - Campos Elíseos, São Paulo - SP

Rating: All Ages



Illustrator and designer, Wagner Loud, from Pirituba, São Paulo, brings with him a passion rooted in comic books and cartoons since his childhood. With over 10 years of solid experience, he contributed as a designer at Turma da Mônica and is a co-creator of the "Rap in Comics" project. Currently, Loud stands out in illustration and graphic projects, developing merchandise for bands, projects for records and festivals, as well as prints for various brands.



Originally from Guaianases, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Load emerges as one of the exponents of urban culture. In 2018, alongside artist Wagner Loud, he created the "Rap in Comics" exhibition, transforming figures like Mano Brown, Emicida, and Sabotage into superheroes. On his digital platforms, he incisively addresses racial and class issues, seeking to inspire a new generation of conscious artists and thinkers. Since 2020, he has been a presenter on the Omelete website and channel, and in 2022, together with Cauê Moura, became the host of the "Desce a Letra Show" program, as well as acting as a streamer on Twitch, where he blends hip-hop, politics, pop culture, and real-life graffiti broadcasts (IRL).



Ashira, a singer, songwriter, and music producer from Diadema, has been making waves in the music scene since 2016. Recognized for her collaboration on "Quadros" with rapper/singer BK and in the collaborative work "Rouff" with Tasha and Tracie, she brings a unique perspective on social issues in her original works, rooted in rap. Her versatility and sensitivity as a peripheral woman resonate in every composition.