Atlantic Forest Fund (FMA) – Environmental Projects


The IDG acts as the operational manager for the Atlantic Rainforest Fund (FMA), with projects implemented all over the Rio de Janeiro state aiming to contribute to the preservation of the fauna, flora and native ecosystems. It has been operational for over one year, the FMA enables the execution of projects that offer opportunities for the improvement of the Conservation Units (UCs) present at the biomes, for instance, the acquisition of equipment, maintenance of the UCs and hiring of environmental agents.


Learn more about each one of them: 


Acquisition of Equipment 


Investment in materials and varied equipment such as fire-fighting materials and vehicles so that environmental agents can meet the expectations of the thousands of visitors with quality and safetythat due to different reasons and expectations visit the protected areas for tourism and leisure.


UCs Maintainace


The project aims at the maintainace and realization of necessary interventions to the physical
infrastructure of 36 Conservation Units to better assist tourists and employees’ wellness.


Environmental Agents 


The hiring of environmental agents for the 36 Conservation Units to support the UCs management in actions such as - the prevention of and fire-fighting, search and rescue of visitors, trail management, fauna rescue and maintenance.