Parcerias Internacionais IDG


IDG has the constant challenge to widen its network and consequently expand exchange opportunities with different players and institutions that act in the culture and environment areas. Therefore, in the past, it has been developing the expansion of these partnerships with the institute to strengthen the dialogue, the exchange and expansion of the activities and contents it develops and by that proving that knowledge is a universal asset, one which is of utmost importance to everybody.


The scope of institutions with whom we have established partnerships recently – UN Agencies, the Science Museum, in London, Dade College, in Miami, the Climate Museum of New York, the Melbourne Museum, the University of Australia, Fundesplei, in Spain, UN Live Museum in Copenhagen – enabling us to benefit from a policy of structured relationships that contribute to the continuity and maintenance of educational and cultural projects, exhibitions and so forth. Besides that, it enables us to share experiences and content exchange to foster scientific knowledge and activities related to Science and Technology.


Published on 27/09/2018