Museum of Tomorrow Announces SEMEIA, Environment Week

Between June 5th and 9th, in alignment with World Environment Day (June 5th) and World Oceans Day (June 8th), the Museum of Tomorrow will offer an extensive and diverse program for people of all ages, occupying all the cultural equipment's spaces. One of the highlights is the premiere of the mini-documentary “The Chief's Call: Heritage, Land, and Future,” followed by a conversation with Chief Raoni Metuktire, his grandsons Roiti Metuktire, the narrator of the work, and indigenous leader Beptuk Metuktire, as well as the film’s director, Lucas Ramos, and the executive director of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), André Guimarães.


The focal theme of SEMEIA 2024, “Paths of Forest Citizenship,” was designed to raise society’s awareness about the different ways to express the relationship between humans and the world and to emphasize actions in the fight for the preservation of nature and life.


“Forest Citizenship” is a term that combines ‘forest’ and ‘citizenship.’ It is a concept that emphasizes the relationship between people and forests, promoting a vision of citizenship that recognizes the importance of these natural heritage sites for the life of communities and the planet as a whole, especially at a time when the effects of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly evident,” explains Fábio Scarano, curator of the Museum of Tomorrow.


For environmental philosopher Ailton Krenak, forest citizenship is more than just a relationship of use or preservation of forests; it is a worldview that recognizes and values the interconnectedness of all living beings and the environment, promoting a more ethical and responsible approach to nature. "A worldview and a position toward existence that replaces the idea of competition and dispute with the idea of communion," he says.


The opening of SEMEIA 2024, on June 5th, will be marked by the launch of the updated installation Baía em Movimento (Bay in Motion), created in augmented reality (AR), a technology that combines virtual elements with reality, allowing users to interact with digital objects superimposed on the physical environment in real-time.


The complete program includes guided tours with the narrative “Paths of Forest Citizenship,” dialogue circles, workshops, film screenings, artistic and educational activations, a sustainable products fair, and a children's festival developed by the Museum’s Education team, among other activities. Beyond the borders of the Museum of Tomorrow, there will be an educational activity “Museum on the Street,” which will take visitors to investigate and experience the different botanical species present in the Port Zone, through the observation of local flora. This year’s program includes partnerships with the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) and the National Museum, as well as curation by Ecofalante for the audiovisual exhibition.


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