Paço do Frevo releases Frevo Masters Collection

Paço do Frevo, cultural equipment under the management of IDG, launched this week the Frevo Masters Collection, which features a playful account of the biographies of four frevo personalities divided into three volumes.


Among its many goals, Paço do Frevo wants do consolidate frevo as a reference, through the development of audiences and their identification with frevo composers. In this context, Masters Collection comes both to fix the lack of information on the artists and to bring to life the stories that draw the audience closer to those artists. Instead of building traditional biographies, Paço reaffirmed its role as an audience developer and chose to communicate specifically with children, instrumental to the process of recognizing and safeguarding the culture of Pernambuco.


Therefore, the museum makes the dream come true and publishes narratives about the lives of Egídio Bezerra, Zenaide Bezerra, Edite Gomes, and Maestro Clóvis Pereira, such remarkable characters in the history of frevo. May their stories be a seed and an example to this and the future generations.