RESULTS FOR The 2018 Platform: The Brazil of Tomorrow

Results for the 2018 Platform: The Brazil of Tomorrow


In times of so much polarity, to speak of elections and politics has not been easy for anyone. Brazil and Brazilians need to debate themes which are dear and which are not always in the daily political debate in order to develop proactive agendas for the country in such a decisive year.


The 2018 Platform: The Brazil of Tomorrow is an initiative from the IDG, in the scope of the Museum of Tomorrow, it counts on the support of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, Rede Globo, GloboNews, the Instituto Clima e Sociedade IiCS) and the Brazilian Entrepreneurial Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS). 


The platform was created to enhance the level of the political discussion in 2018 and has been carrying out monthly debates at the Museum of Tomorrow covering various themes.  It is expected that the debates may contribute to improve the quality of the technical information and evidence the voters access to so that they can choose more safely the candidates who will best represent the society’s convictions for the themes proposed.  We reckon that this is the best way to improve the quality of our democracy, bringing it closer to the good debate, to acknowledge the contradictory and enable the freedom of choice in a nonbiased party way and really bonded to individual conviction so as to transform and improve our tomorrow.


The platform was launched on October 16 th , 2017, one year before the 2018 elections, with the first debate “Roads to Democracy”, which discussed the theme of Ethics. Since then, the following debates have taken place on a monthly basis: Public Security, Water and Sewage, Science, Entrepreneurism and Innovation, Urban Mobility and Intelligent Cities, Culture, Food Supply, Forests, Energy and Education. The debates, which are all available at the Futura Channel have reached over three thousand people, whether by active participation and presence in the auditorium at the Museum of Tomorrow, via web-streaming, website or by the platform official channel found on Social Media.


Published on 27/09/2018