The Museum of Tomorrow takes to the Citizen Village of the 8th World Water Forum - from March 17th to 23rd in Brasilia - an unprecedented experience inspired by the narrative course of its Main Exhibition. It is a replica of the Matter Cube, which carries several images of planet Earth in space photographs of the Blue Planet, captured by NASA, the American space agency. With dimensions of approximately 7m x 7m x 5m, the attraction will be installed right at the entrance of the pavilion installed in the Mané Garrincha National Stadium, inviting the visitor to learn more about the planet and the way it is impacted by the action of man. The experiment was conceived by the Museum of Tomorrow under the patronage of Shell.


In the outer area of the cube, the visitor has a unified view of the Earth, as seen by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. It is seen not in its fragmented form, in countries or continents, but as a single celestial body. Inside the cube, people will use virtual reality glasses and swivel chairs to watch a movie about the Anthropocene, a theory advocated by the Museum for the geological time in which we live, strongly impacted by the direct action of man.


With the virtual reality glasses, the visitor can learn more about the Anthropocene, which is the central moment of the Main Exhibition at the Museum of Tomorrow. Anthropocene is a term formulated by Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 1995. The Greek prefix anthropo means human; and the suffix ceno denotes the geological ages. At the Museum, this area is periodically updated from a rich scientific content in order to promote a better understanding of the historical processes that took us from about 5 million Homo sapiens around 12 thousand years ago to the 7 billion individuals we are today.


In the attraction presented in Brasilia, groups of 15 visitors at a time can participate in the experience, which will present a ten minute long video, divided in two parts: a content that talks about the situation of the waters in the planet and the film exhibited in the area of the Anthropocene, one of the areas of the Main Exhibition at the Museum. Outside the Cube, another film will present the Museum of Tomorrow to all visitors to the 8th World Water Forum.


In addition to the Matter Cube, the Museum of Tomorrow also takes part in the Forum with active participation in the Special Panel - Global Pact for the Environment, which discusses the adoption of common positions and principles that guide efforts to protect and preserve the environment worldwide. The president of the Museum of Tomorrow, Ricardo Piquet, participates in the panel that will take place on March 21st, starting at 2:30 pm, conducted by Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the OAS, with the presence of Yann Aguila, president of the Environment Commission of the Club de Juristes of France, of the former minister of the Environment Marina Silva, of the director of the environmental sustainability department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Reinaldo Salgado, among other authorities in the sector.




Curators: Leonardo Menezes and Luiz Alberto Oliveira
Script of the VR experience: Leonardo Menezes
Texts: Eduardo Carvalho, Emanuel Alencar and Sabrina Macedo
Research: Davi Bonela
Design: Juliana Montenegro
Technological production: SuperUber
Scenography: P&G
Production: Izabelle Araújo and Leonardo Fróes
Education Manager: Laura Taves
New Business and Project Manager: Julianna Guimarães
Visitor Service Coordinator: Rosimar Silva
Intern: Thais Gesteira


Published on 19/03/2018