Paço do Frevo is a cultural center of reference for actions, projects and activities that seek to enable the valorization, documentation, protection, transmission and safeguarding of one of the main icons of the Pernambuco identity, recognized by the Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iphan) as intangible cultural heritage of Brazil. A vivacious and democratic place whose programming is inspired by the energy and vitality of frevo. A space to be, to study, to create, to experiment and to experience the rich universe of stories, personalities, memories and artistic languages.

IDG has carried out the administrative and cultural management of the equipment since November 2013.

Paço do Frevo is an initiative of the City Administration of Recife, with the creation and realization of the Roberto Marinho Foundation. The Museum is sponsored by public and private companies, in addition to the support of IPHAN and the Federal Government, through the Culture Incentive Law.