The Park Libraries of Rio de Janeiro, located in the neighborhoods of Centro, Manguinhos, Rocinha and Niterói, were designed by the State Secretariat of Culture to offer the public a collection of over 260,000 books of fiction and nonfiction, art books, comics, children's library, 20,000 movies. For this reason, the Rio de Janeiro Park Libraries have become a place for acquisition, cultural experiences and preservation of memory.

IDG was in charge of the management of all units from 2014 to 2016. In nearly three years of operation, almost 2 million users attended the Park Libraries. Every day, we guaranteed access to books, videos, lectures, debates, plays, studios and training courses, with a flow of approximately four thousand visitors / day from all social classes and localities, from doctoral students to street people, students and merchants from the Saara market. Over 78 thousand users were registered, more than 230 thousand books were lent and many transformative and moving stories were left to tell.