Santa Isabel Theater


Inaugurated in 1850, the Santa Isabel Theater is one of the icons of Pernambuco culture, in the City of Recife. With the sponsorship of Santander Bank, and in partnership with the City Administration of Recife, IDG is in charge of the cultural and educational programming of the equipment, starting this year, 2018, with the objective of not only attracting public and increasing access to a space of great importance for the cultural scene, but also to contribute to consolidate Santa Isabel, even more,  as a local, national and international touristic reference. The theater will host soirees, conversation circles, workshops and free games in 2018.


Learn more about each action scheduled in the project:


Soirees - Short presentations, which allow meetings between the audience and artists of different languages, such as circus, small concerts, dance and choreography presentations, choirs and recitals, among others. The sessions will occupy diverse spaces of the Theater, not just the main stage.


Proscenium! Theater Game – An immersive and sensory experience, similar to RPG (role-playing games). The idea is that the gamification of the theater provokes a new perception of art and the equipment. The visit consists of a show-game-tour in and around the Santa Isabel Theater facilities, with an emphasis on revealing the importance of the theater, as well as details of its architecture and history.


Workshops - Theater and dance workshops with local and national instructors. Formative actions in theater, dance and cultural mediation, in order to awaken and/or deepen knowledge aimed at bringing the community and the cultural equipment closer together.


Dialogues - Meetings with special guests that aim to provoke reflections on different aspects of life in society, providing debates on art and culture, ethics and politics, human rights, among other topics.

The Teatrando! Cultural and Educational Program at the Santa Isabel Theater will run for five months, ending only in August, and will integrate into the regular schedule of shows and activities of Santa Isabel, a program specially developed to democratize and broaden the access of different public profiles to the theater.