Museum of Favelas

Photo: Disclosure | Government of the State of São Paulo


The Favela Museum is an institution of the Secretariat of Culture, Creative Economy, and Industry of the State of São Paulo, headquartered at the Palácio dos Campos Elíseos, a listed building located in the city center, and managed by the social organization IDG - Institute of Development and Management. The Museum is a space for research, preservation, production, and communication of the memories and creative potentials of Brazilian favelas. With free admission and open to all audiences, it offers a lively cultural and educational program, exhibitions, a Reference Center, and a Library.

Its main premise is social reparation work, through the protagonism of favela residents in management, hiring suppliers, and creating narrative ruptures, based on collective and shared construction to be constituted through relationships with the neighborhood, constantly mapping initiatives that generate social, cultural, and economic impact in the favelas.

It is an institution that starts from the past, traverses the present to contribute to new paths for the future, based on the principle that new paths for change need to go through the favelas, their cultural manifestations, and the power of those who resist, innovate, and create.


Our mission is to connect and ensure the protagonism of multiple Brazilian favelas, preserving their memories and enhancing their cultural productions through exhibitions, programs, educational activities, research, and dissemination of information.


To be a museum of reference, impact, and social transformation that celebrates and preserves the memory, the multiplicity of knowledge, and the identities of the favelas.


 Belonging, Recognition, Welcoming.