Museum of Favelas

Photo: Disclosure | Government of the State of São Paulo

IDG has won the public call from the Government of the State of São Paulo to develop, implement, and manage the Museum of Favelas, a cultural facility aimed at filling a gap in visibility and reflection on the peripheral communities in Brazil.

Proposed by the Unified Favela Central (Cufa) for the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo, the facility will be a platform for the residents of the favelas, one of the largest megalopolises in the world, showcasing the culture, people, and struggles of a population that is not represented in other museums.

The Palace of the Campos Elísios, located in downtown São Paulo and the former headquarters of the state government, was chosen as the site to host Mufa and is currently under renovation to accommodate the future museum installations. The area covers a total of 8,208 m².

Scheduled to open in the second semester of 2022, the Museum of Favelas was created through State Decree No. 66.194, dated November 8, 2021, and besides featuring spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions, it will host a series of projects aimed at the residents of São Paulo's favelas, encompassing areas such as culture, sports, employment, income generation, internet democratization, food security, and social assistance.

Management: IDG-Institute for Development and Management  
Contract No.: 06/2022
Validity: December 30, 2021, to December 31, 2026
Total Contract Value: R$ 40,636,300.00 (Brazilian Reais)