Atlantic Forest Fund (FMA)

Atlantic Forest

The IDG (Institute for Development and Management) is qualified to operate socio-environmental projects as a strategic partner for the private sector, civil society and Brazil’s three levels of government (municipal, state or federal), exercising the same excellence in management as for the public cultural centers under its responsibility.

In 2017, IDG took on the operational management of projects for the Atlantic Forest Fund (FMA), signing a technical cooperation agreement with the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (SEAS). IDG thus became responsible for structuring and managing all resources entrusted to this pioneering financial and operational management mechanism. The instrument allows agility and transparency in executing projects that can contribute to the preservation of fauna, flora and native ecosystems, as well as projects that provide opportunities for leisure, contemplation and environmental education.

Resources used come from licensed enterprises with high polluting potential throughout the State of Rio de Janeiro. The FMA optimizes the application of state environmental compensation resources and other non-budgetary funds such as: Terms of Conduct Adjustment (TAC), forest restoration obligations, national and international donations, and other sources.