Santa Isabel Theater


Inaugurated in Recife in 1850, the Teatro Santa Isabel is a lasting icon of the cultural expression of the northeastern state of Pernambuco. IDG (Institute for Development and Management), with sponsorship from Santander Bank and in partnership with Recife City Hall, redeveloped the theater’s educational project (2018 - 2019), aiming to further consolidate the space as a local, national and international tourist attraction, increasing audiences and democratizing access to the theater in recognition of its fundamental importance for the region’s cultural scene.


The theater is the stage for free artistic soirées, conversation circles, workshops and games.


Learn more about the initiatives that are part of this project:


Artistic soirées – Known in Brazil as “saraus”, these involve a series of short presentations, which enable audiences to become acquainted with artists from a range of disciplines, such as circus, small music concerts, dance performances, choirs and recitals, among others. The sessions occupy several spaces of the Santa Isabel Theater, rather than being limited to the main stage.


Proscenium! Theater Game – An immersive and sensorial experience, similar to RPG games. The idea is that the gamification of theater provokes a fresh perception of the traditional craft and environment. The visit consists of a show-game-tour through the premises, revealing elements of the venue’s architecture and history that demonstrate its historical and cultural significance.


Workshops – Practical theater and dance workshops with local and national instructors. Training sessions in theater, dance and cultural mediation, which aim to encourage a rapprochement between audiences and the theater, awakening and/or deepening their knowledge about the venue.


Conversation circles – Encounters featuring special guests, which are designed to provoke collective reflections on various aspects of social life, sparking debate on art and culture, ethics and politics, human rights, among other themes.


The Teatrando! Project, the theater’s cultural and educational program, will be part of the regular schedule of shows and activities, specifically developed to democratize and expand different audiences’ access to the theater.