The Museum of Tomorrow represents a new generation of Science Museums in the world. An environment of ideas, explorations and questions about the era of great changes in which we live and the different paths that open up to the future. Tomorrow is not a date on the calendar; nor is it a place we are going to get to. It is a construction in which we all participate, as people, citizens, members of the human species.

The Museum of Tomorrow offers a narrative about how we can live and shape the next 50 years. A journey to possible futures, departing from great questions that humanity has always asked itself. Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we? Where are we going? How do we want to go?

Guided by the ethical values of Sustainability and Coexistence, essential to our civilization, the Museum also seeks to promote innovation, disseminate the advances of science and publish the vital signs of the planet. A Museum to expand our knowledge and transform our way of thinking and acting.

The Institute for Management Development (IDG) has been in charge of managing the Museum since February 2015.

The Museum of Tomorrow is an initiative of the City Administration of Rio de Janeiro, conceived and carried out jointly with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, an institution linked to the Globo Group, with Santander Bank as its Master Sponsor and Shell as its sponsor. It also has Engie, IBM and IRB Brazil Reinsurance as Sponsors, Globo Group as strategic partner and the support of the State Government, through the State Secretariat for the Environment, and the Federal Government, through the Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (Finep) and the Culture Incentive Law. The institution is part of the museum network of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture.