Get to know the projects under our management

Cultural and environmental projects under the management of IDG


At IDG (Institute for Development and Management), we promote, support and develop collaborative and inclusion actions with the mission to develop the potential of people and organizations. In the area of Culture, we are responsible for the management of Paço do Frevo and Santa Isabel Theater, in Recife, and in Rio, of the Museum of Tomorrow.


With the same management experience implemented in cultural centers, we are also able to operate socio-environmental projects as a strategic partner of both the private and public sectors, in their different instances - Municipal, State or Federal - and civil society. With this, we act as operational manager of projects from the Mechanism for Biodiversity Conservation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, called the Atlantic Forest Fund.


Museum of Tomorrow - In the Museum of Tomorrow, a unique opportunity to put the experience acquired in the management of other avant-garde museological spaces at the
disposal of an initiative that has modified the cultural, touristic, urbanistic and social landscape of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with reflections for the rest of the country that will allow us to strengthen our proposal and contribute positively to the local, national and international cultural scenarios.


Paço do Frevo - With this equipment, we aim at the generation and sharing of knowledge, that is, strategies that contribute to the appropriation of frevo by the public, guaranteeing access to exhibitions, presentations, collections, researches and publications.


Museum of Tomorrow International - MoTi - Our goal is to disseminate and internationalize the concepts and pillars of the Museum of Tomorrow, such as Sustainability and Coexistence, for possible traveling exhibitions and other types of platform.


Atlantic Forest Fund – The environmental project aims to contribute to the preservation of the fauna, flora and native ecosystems, in addition to enabling the execution of projects that offer opportunities for leisure, contemplation and environmental education in protected sites.